Comporta PT 2018

My ladies and I went to Portugal this summer to check it out with our old friends Stephanie, Rob, Siena and Luca.  We started out in Lisbon, the highlights being the Hotel (Palacio Belmonte), the Flea market, and Ramiro’s for fish. Then we rented a car (full disclosure- I put diesel in the first one and killed it so two cars) and drove to Comporta where we had rented a house whose main attraction was it’s hipster style and sand floors.  Comporta is a tiny little town that wants to be an international resort destination, and likely will be, but isn’t quite there yet.  It was almost perfect for us.  There were several beaches to explore with various levels of services on them.  In the best one could rent a shaded chair and be served ice cold tiny beers with the wave of a hand.  The VERY best thing about these beaches was the ice cold ocean water, 61 degrees, that was a perfect accompaniment to the searing hot days, 104 degrees.  You could relatively easily get a decent spot at any beach and get a good table at the many beachy restaurants that served grilled fishes of all kinds.  It was all kind of perfect but some tiny details made it a bit of an ordeal- Bugs, heat, smells, house layout, etc.  I don’t think we will return to Comporta but we very much hope to vaca with the Craigies again in a better place.