Kismet or LA 2017

The Heyday of me knowing something about food in LA is slightly past, I seem to work there less and I am less likely to drive an hour just to eat, 3 times a day.  That said I have some places that bear discussion.  First and foremost is Kismet on Hwood Blvd right where it… Read more


Enrique Olvera runs a place called Pujol in Mexico City that is super fancy, super pricey, and usually really really good.  A normal guy cannot get in there without setting it up way in advance but producers on jobs always seem to entertain the client there, so I get to go.  Recently EO opened a… Read more

Achilles Heel

Deep in the NW corner of Greenpoint sits Achilles Heel, which is somehow associated with the magic of Marlow & Sons and it is very obvious.  I have been there several times over the last 5+? years and it has always been good, even if just for it’s mellow Bar-y-ness ( I never just go… Read more

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