Eating Animals: Telluride

Eating Animals is finally done and premiered at Telluride Film Festival to two standing ovations.  Chris and I literally imagined this exact event during one of the many hundreds? of hours driving to make this film.  Sara, Lily, and Georgia all came with me to the festival.  We saw lots of films, ate lots of meatless burgers and celebrated all of hard work over the last 4+ years making this film.  I gather it was bought and will be released theatrically across the USA next year.  I met two heroes: Ed Lachman ( he was honored at the fest) and Ai Wei Wei ( he said our film was important.  The film was received well critically.  This review really says everything we could have wanted it to.

Chris promised that this would be hard, that it would change my life, and that it would be fun, all of that turned out to be very very true.  He deserves a lot of credit for his work and tireless focus on this “important” film.

Oh, I forgot, the girls and I went back to Dunton Hot springs on our way- amazing.