First Cow!, Kelly Reichert, and Peter Hutton

Sara and I went and saw Kelly Reichert present her newest film, First Cow, at The Museum of the Moving Image last night.  It is a really great movie, we had seen it once before during editing and it is even better now.  Kelly showed one of Peter Hutton’s films Titan’s Goblet before hers which was also really exciting to see on the big screen.  She very sweetly dedicated the film to Peter and starts First Cow with an homage to Peter.  Lots of Peter Hutton!  There was a Q&A after where Kelly was hilarious.  She admitted that she cast Toby Jones after loving him in The Detectorists, which if you haven’t seen yet you should right away.  That’s her, in front of the MOMI’s crazy curtain, answering questions from her adoring fans.  Go see First Cow.