Marcos and I just wrapped God Friended Me, a Pilot for CBS.  This was our last location, Utah for Tibet.  We were perched on a snowy ridge at 11K feet with a life threatening sheer drop to one side.  There is a metaphor for the process in there somewhere.  Marcos hired me on this pilot and the show I did all last fall, YOU.  He is incredibly tireless, focused and inspiring.  I have re-learned to love film making in these last months, which is nice.  He also accompanied me to my second visit to the Spiral Jetty.  The Jetty and the lake have shrunk quite a bit and, sadly, become a lot easier to get to. There were several other cars there which made the place feels less magical and personal.  It’s still worth a trip if you are in SLC.


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  1. Just watched the first episode and was blown away by that shot outside “God’s House” in New Jersey with that anamorphic lens flare! Glad you have this blog with a comment section, just wanted to say it’s some of the finest cinematography I’ve seen on television and I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work in the later episodes.

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