marlow & sons &


Andrew Tarlow- 1/2 Founder M&S Empire

In case you didn’t know, I am obsessed with Marlow & Sons and by proxy I am obsessed with all of it’s hydra like arms-


(the Airstream behind Diner)

Marlow and Daughters



The former Bell and Anchor


Little Chef

TBH I think that what I am really obsessed with is the original cooking at Marlow by the great Caroline Fidanza.  She now helms Saltie and Little Chef.

That said I can’t help but give them credit for making all of those place consistently great and original for 10+ years.  I am very happy to go to any of these places at any time. I had a duck confit at Reynard with Gwen the other day that was as perfect, good, original, and so Marlowy that I was as excited as I was so many years ago on the benches in the back of Marlow.  If you haven’t been, go now.  I could go on and on.  If you want to hear more or generally share about them, call me at 917 698 1711.