Olafur Eliasson

Me Gusta Olafur Eliasson- this Reality Projector, his studio (and their lunches), the Little Sun, even the Waterfalls.  If you aren’t tracking this guy you should, he makes cool art, hangs out with smart people, eats good food, and is thinking of ways to make the world a better place.  I saw a solo show of his in Stockholm Sweden one night after shooting Eating Animals there.  I had to take a ferry to an island, find the gallery in the dark, and then explore all his weird art.  I did this all solo.  Then I ferried again to another place and joined, late, a group of fine food enthusiasts at Oaxen Krug.  I had managed to get the last seat very fancy prix fixe wine pairing dinner at a foody place.  I was seated at a table with two other couples.  They were all very well dressed.  The excitement about the food and experience was electric.  The first couple were a woman in the swedish equivalent of the CIA and her foppish husband.  they were both very charming and kind of ruled the table until she was laid low by a bad clam or something and they left in a rage after she vomited in the bathroom.  That left me with the next couple, a more mellow pair who had come from out of town on a special date to this place.  The woman turned out to be a filmmaker who had won the Swedish equivalent of the Oscar.  We got along famously and I ended up drinking very late with them there.  It was an amazing night which really had little to do with Olafur but I give him credit for starting the whole thing off so well.