I called Dia at 12:01am  March 1 2014 to assure that we could get a reservation at Walter de Maria’s Lightning Fields in New Mexico.  Last weekend we spent our 17 hrs (2pm-11am) in a cabin in the desert 4 hours out of Albuquerque.  There was no lightning but the desert alone, without the 20 foot polished stainless poles, was incredible to wander in and ponder.  I saw jackrabbits, lizards, hummingbird style moths, birds and heard coyotes.  When the Sun began to set the light on the 1 Mile by 1 Km grid of poles in the field lit up.  We wandered in the fading light until well after dark and then ate the green chili enchiladas they left for us and went to bed.  We woke before dawn to see it again as the sun came up.  The combo of the effort to get there, the natural beauty, the isolation, and the incredible effort and vision of the CREATION of it made it a totally unforgettable experience.  The kids even liked it.  I love shit like that.

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Lightning Fields