Printed Matter. NYABF

Printed Matter, once of Soho, once of Chelsea, now located? I’m not sure, is a fun place to shop.  My friend Kim had a very early handmade Zine like photo book there in the 90’s and we would go and hang out for hours and look at art books and weird arty ephemera.  I still do that sometimes but can kind of get my fill at the yearly NY Art Book Fair that they host at PS1.  It is 3 days of insanely crowded, insanely hot, rooms stuffed with zines, books, pamphlets, posters, buttons, stickers, tiny sculptures, and some stuff I likely missed.  It triggers those shopping endorphins for me even though I never really buy anything.  I love how passionate all the people are about their, and each other’s cool art.  That Dome there is the nexus of fancy but handmade books, and is AC’d.  If you go next year try that first.