Achilles Heel

Deep in the NW corner of Greenpoint sits Achilles Heel, which is somehow associated with the magic of Marlow & Sons and it is very obvious.  I have been there several times over the last 5+? years and it has always been good, even if just for it’s mellow Bar-y-ness ( I never just go to a bar anymore, sad).  Last summer I went with Gwen on our way to see Janes Addiction in Coney, that is another story which I will tell if you call me (917 698 1711), and the food was amazing but we didn’t eat that much.  Then a few weeks ago Sara met Peter and I after we were shooting with Ari.  They have about 5 food things on the menu and the late day sun blasts in so you feel like you are in the movie Seven.  All 5 of those things were so good that we ordered them again!  That is such a Marlow-y thing.  In fact the only place that ever happens is at Marlow and Prune and La Huella and some places in Italy, but those last ones are 9+ hrs away.  Also the guys suggested and served an amazing Rose, we didn’t have to beg and hear about all three of them, he just confidently gave us an amazing wine that was not expensive.  That is the way food should be.  I think the guy in that image above is responsible for all of that, find out who he is, eat his food, and thank/congratulate him.  Rumor has it he cooks some stuff on a tiny Hibachi on the sidewalk outside, I’m not sure that is true but I;m spreading it.