Enrique Olvera runs a place called Pujol in Mexico City that is super fancy, super pricey, and usually really really good.  A normal guy cannot get in there without setting it up way in advance but producers on jobs always seem to entertain the client there, so I get to go.  Recently EO opened a place in NYC called Cosme that is also impossible to get into, much more casual, and, I hear, really good.  I gave up trying to get in.  Then a place called Atla shows up on Lafayette St. and it looks at first a little like a Chopt or something, but the word get around and I go there with Michael Lavine one day and it is great.  Turns out it is Olvera’s second even more casual place.  It is not a home run, but it is very very good and has very un American Mexican food that is always surprising and always exciting.  Plus they have a million Mexcals which are cool right now.  Try it.