Camino at Prune

Camino-2 Camino-1

Anna invited us to a pop up dinner at Prune.  Anna’s friends Russ and Allison, who own and run a restaurant in Oakland named Camino, cooked for two seatings at Prune and will do it a few other places in NYC as well.  It is to promote Russ’s new cookbook, Camino.  Anna cooked with Russ at Chez Panisse back in the day and they all still keep in touch.  We have Negronis and Cava, then a Yummy squid salad with turmeric. For the main we had an amazing duck leg with greens and a mashy potatoey thing. There was something else really yummy in there but I do not remember what it was (too much cava?).  All of it was really really good.  The spirit in there was amazing because it was all cheffy and everyone was old friends.  They gave us all cookbooks at the end.  Perfect!  Gabrielle (Prune owner) was there too, I find her so inspiring.  Sara and I have been eating there and loving it EVERY time since 1995?  I always list it first as my favorite restaurant in NY.  Marlow is close second.

Oh! and David Tanis showed up and sat with us at the very end.