Green Chili Stew

The pursuit of the perfect Green Chili Stew in New Mexico is one I could see my self obsessing over.  It is one of those things that the harder you look the less likely you are to appreciate what you have.  I find myself remembering one that was just a little better for one reason or another.  I think that my best so far was in Pietown, just east of Quemado, NM on our way to The Lightning Fields last summer.  Chris took me to The Shed, in Santa Fe, NM.  His memory was that this place had the best authentic versions of many classic NM dishes.  We had enchildas with red and green sauce and some green chili stew.  It was all really good, but the GCS was not the best I have ever had.  We met the son of famous photographer Elliot Porter and shared lunch with him.  He insisted that I get a fried egg on top of my enchiladas, probably a good idea, and it turns out that we had a creepy amount of connections in the world thru art and travel.  That was a really fun lunch.  Here is a picture of the shed I found on Flckr.