Jamon Iberico

Ok. Anybody who knows anything already knows that this is likely the best food ever made by mankind so this is more of just a share. Before my recent trip to Spain I looked forward to eating some Iberico ham that would not break the bank and even wondered how much I would eat before being sick of it. Well, Sara and I had our first plate in the airport on our layover and it was amazing. Then I proceeded to have it at least once a day from that day on for 10 days, because it just attracts me every time. I even brought 80 grams home (it is half as much there) to eat and gift to others. I also had a long conversation with a lovely young lady there who runs a shop called Mimo that sells the highest level Iberico one can get 5J. 5J only uses the most legit pigs, feeds them more acorns everyday by running them 15 miles a day so they are always hungry, etc. Finally- Fun fact/rumor- Iberico acorn eating ham was discovered by the Spanish in the Columbus era who sailed over with pigs on the boat, dumped them on islands off the Carolinas to pick up on the way back before heading across the sea with all their gold and indian slaves. These crazy pigs would just chow on Acorns on these islands and the spaniards wee like, “YO these pigs taste awesome, we should feed them these acorns at home!” So which is the better discoivery- the new world or the Jamon? You decide.