Kismet or LA 2017

The Heyday of me knowing something about food in LA is slightly past, I seem to work there less and I am less likely to drive an hour just to eat, 3 times a day.  That said I have some places that bear discussion.  First and foremost is Kismet on Hwood Blvd right where it crosses Sunset.  Anyone from LA will tell you all about the folks behind it but I don’t know.  Lizzie and I went there one night and had an INCREDIBLE meal.  Lizzie is fun to eat with because she drinks like a man AND doesn’t eat any of the food, so I get it all, and she’s a nice chat.  Both Michael Stipe and Lena Dunham were there, at separate tables, which really runs the gamut of celeb cool in my book.  So that is one, go there.  My new old favs that I always eat at at least once, even alone, and feel like I belong are Le Trois Mec, Squrl, and Park Sushi.  There is nothing better than some rich frenchy food in a cali style served with the level of wine that they effortlessly sling at Trois Mec.  Squrl just tastes really good and feels very cool.  Park is in the worst part of what used to be the Sunset Crawl, right at the top of La Cienega but it has stunning Omakase sometimes served by a really badass female chef.  It does not replace the thousands or hours, and dollars, spent at the old favs- Shibuco, Nozawa, and the best of Nishimura, but it is starting to feel good there.  I tried to Love downtown and there is that one good place there, but it is like a torturous social experiment to eat there.  Lizzie says the whole area is a Douche Corral, I think she is right.  Finally, I am no real fan of the scene at Gjellina but the food is good and Gjusta further south is a place that no one should miss during the day.