Patti Smith


Patti Smith.

I will admit that I like to think that we have some things in common.  Maybe that means I would like to be more like her.  I absolutely loved Just Kids,  I know I should lover her music ( I do listen to it now and again and want my girls to like it), and from reading about her, including the Times piece today, I know that every choice she makes is one I would like to think I would make as well (eg: her Jerry Garcia blanket).  All of this is why I was shocked and dismayed when I learned that she made a choice that challenges one of my most basic beliefs.  Penelope Green of the New York Times casually drops, in the midst of many enviable and fantastic other facts, the fact that Patti Smith attended the 40th anniversary of Da Silvano.  HOW COULD THAT BE!?!?  Everyone knows that the “Cool ” people, myself and Patti included, go to Bar Pitti and would never ever darken the door of Da Silvano even if they had the last bowl of spaghetti on earth.  The Bar Pitti and Da Silvano war goes back well be fore the revolutionary war, its facts are disputed by great historians worldwide, but it is, and has been, very clear that people like Patti Smith always go to Bar Pitti.  I assume she orders the branzino, the meatballs, the spinaci, and mostly the punterelle, like me.  I plan to give Patti another chance and read her new book, but I have no interest in trying Da Silvano ever.