Via Carota II

Upon returning from Spain yesterday we were starved after 10+ travel hours and fought about where to go eat. Lily and I agreed on VC but Sara worried about lines etc. We went early and luckily got seats at the bar. We ordered the salad of course, lily and I dream about it, and the Bagna Cauda, and some truffle pasta, and some chicken and some beans/cabbage/sausage thingy. We had a delicious BIG white (arneis) that they kept pouring and pouring without even asking! My favorite waiter there welcomed me back, which felt very VIPish. I eat that stuff up. The cherry on top was sara saying that the chicken might have been better than Marlow’s brick chicken, which is about as good of a review as one can get from the surly miss Goodman. In summation, Via Carota is at a restaurant high point, which if you have lived through them, is a great place to be in for a food loving NYer. This place can currently do no wrong. these ladies are the ones you can thank.