Via Carota

I’m a huge Buvette fan, especially for Bkfst.  Buvette’s sister Via Carota has always been really good but now it has gotten so good that I tend to just go there again and again, instead of spreading the love.  Before we left NYC for the summer I went there almost everyday.  It’s nice that you can go anytime and get anything on the menu.  In general everything is excellent and often something is incredibly sublime.  I have taken a lot of meetings and a few more social lunch dates there and the food is so good that we often talk mostly about that.  The best thing I had in these last few weeks was a piece of heavily grilled crusty bread with Butter? or something creamy and salty covered with somehow perfect heirloom tomatoes and some herbs and olive oil.  I have no idea where they got tomatoes that good in May but the whole thing was obsessively good.