The Park

After 10+ yrs?  Eric and I met and he came to see Ari’s movie The Park at Fergus McCaffrey Gallery.  The film is accompanied by a recording of  music played at the film’s  premier in Tokyo by Jason Moran.  The effect is mesmerizing and you find yourself sitting there watching for way longer than you would think.  There is a little flier for the Tokyo show that you can get in which you will find a little diagram or map of the movie with descriptions of what you will see.  It is hilarious and kind of genius.  One section is labelled: small beautiful things happen.  This could also be a mantra, or a 70’s bumper sticker slogan.  Go see the film while it is there and escape the NYC winter blues. Ari invited me to come sit in the Park while we shot it on one of those first warm days of May last year? or maybe two Years ago.  After that we went to Achilles Heel and had great food.  It was a perfect showbiz/creative day.