Kismet or LA 2017

The Heyday of me knowing something about food in LA is slightly past, I seem to work there less and I am less likely to drive an hour just to eat, 3 times a day.  That said I have some places that bear discussion.  First and foremost is Kismet on Hwood Blvd right where it… Read more


Enrique Olvera runs a place called Pujol in Mexico City that is super fancy, super pricey, and usually really really good.  A normal guy cannot get in there without setting it up way in advance but producers on jobs always seem to entertain the client there, so I get to go.  Recently EO opened a… Read more

Achilles Heel

Deep in the NW corner of Greenpoint sits Achilles Heel, which is somehow associated with the magic of Marlow & Sons and it is very obvious.  I have been there several times over the last 5+? years and it has always been good, even if just for it’s mellow Bar-y-ness ( I never just go… Read more

China Cafe

Chris found this VERY good, very authentic, Chinese restaurant in the east 30’s.  Chris, and I think myself too, have become somewhat obsessed with good SPICY chinese food.  My favs are this place, China Cafe, a new place in the East Village, Mala Project Chinese, and Legend bar in Chelsea.  I recommend them all highly.


As I said above I have been negligent.  First I could go on about Tokyo restaurants but that would take too long.  If you seriously want to know please call or text me 917 698 1711.  On a side note I put all my favorite places, and places I want to go in Google maps… Read more


Tony G reminded me that the food part of the blog existed, sorry, and I realized that I had to gush about MIMI.  I have no pics so I grabbed this from their site: Sara and I went there for our 20th wedding anniversary, Thanks, and it was really good: new, inventive, yummy…..  In… Read more

40 Maltby St. London

I just got back from London where the possibility of really good food is always right at your fingertips.  I have my very favs- Barrafina, Brawn, The Cow, but I hoped to try some new places this time and discover some new favs.  Stacy told me that I should try an Indian place called Gymkhana,… Read more

Via Carota

I’m a huge Buvette fan, especially for Bkfst.  Buvette’s sister Via Carota has always been really good but now it has gotten so good that I tend to just go there again and again, instead of spreading the love.  Before we left NYC for the summer I went there almost everyday.  It’s nice that you… Read more

Stella 34

Bob Savage works in the mid/west 30’s, not a food mecca, and turned me on to Stella 34 on the 6th floor of Macy’s.  It has huge south facing windows and very serviceable Italian food.  Just like he said the eggplant parm. is really good.  I’m not an egg.parm. guy normally, but this is really… Read more

La Huella

This place is 15+ hours away from home but it is probably my favorite dining experience anywhere.  Nestled in the dunes on the side of Playa Brava in Jose Ignacio, it seems like the main draw of the whole town.  It is fully packed from about 1pm to 2am everyday.  They serve tons of very… Read more

Camino at Prune

  Anna invited us to a pop up dinner at Prune.  Anna’s friends Russ and Allison, who own and run a restaurant in Oakland named Camino, cooked for two seatings at Prune and will do it a few other places in NYC as well.  It is to promote Russ’s new cookbook, Camino.  Anna cooked with… Read more

Patti Smith

Patti Smith. I will admit that I like to think that we have some things in common.  Maybe that means I would like to be more like her.  I absolutely loved Just Kids,  I know I should lover her music ( I do listen to it now and again and want my girls to like… Read more

Marlow and sons (see Blog)

I posted my Marlow Love rant in my regular blog because it transcends my Food love. But I insist you read it.  


Sara fell in love with this place in Berkeley on her May trip with the kids.  We stopped by on our way to Get Georgia at Oxbow.  I had a gem lettuce salad with smoked trout that was pure bliss.  I’ll give it to SF that they have some good chow for a tiny little… Read more

Pizza Oven 2

So we are one week into actually using the oven.  We tend to keep the thing at a steady 500 degrees so that we can make bread during the day.  The actual pizza making has its ups and downs but is generally good.  Fennel cooked in an iron pan for 30+ minutes is the best… Read more

Green Chili Stew

The pursuit of the perfect Green Chili Stew in New Mexico is one I could see my self obsessing over.  It is one of those things that the harder you look the less likely you are to appreciate what you have.  I find myself remembering one that was just a little better for one reason… Read more


This place, in Raleigh, NC,  makes deep fried black eyed peas with cumin and lots of salt that I am crazy about.

Forna Bravo

2015 will the summer of the new Pizza Oven.  We just finished building it and will hopefully get it up and running by the summer.  I am anticipating an big learning curve.

Coffee! ……. RIP

I have been on a year+ coffee ( americano) binge.  The bespoke roasted coffee craze hit NYC later than some, Seattle, SF, but it hit hard.  When Phil and I were making All is Bright Blue Bottle was the go to and I drank my body weight in their New Orleans cold brew.  That cold… Read more

Spring Farmers Market

Everything is really late this year after that brutal winter, the ramps just came in today, next the asparagus from Jersey.  All of the upstate farmers are a month behind.  Spring at the Union Square farmer’s market is very exciting, it builds slowly but then there is a fenzy of new fresh and delicious things. … Read more